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Custom Orders



If you would love the freedom to choose all of the details of your baby then why not have a Custom Order?

You choose the sculpt, hair colour and eye colour for your ideal baby to be treasured for many years to come.

Just contact me and we can discuss details and availability and pricing.  Expensive, highly sought after limited edition sculpts are more expensive but the average cost for a Caucasion Newborn size baby (19-21") with premium mohair is $800 (plus postage) including 3 outfits of my choice. Baldies or babies with painted hair are considerably less, Ethnic and AA babies are more. You may choose from my list of Blank kits in Stock - or I can purchase a kit for you, if it's available.



A Non-refundable deposit of $150 minimum is required to cover the cost of purchasing the kit and to hold a spot in my waiting list. If the kit is more expensive then the deposit required will equal the value of the kit.

One third of the remaining balance is to be paid before painting of the kit is commenced.

An equal third is to be paid after painting is completed and WIP pics have been approved by customer.

Final third is to be paid before hair rooting is commenced.

Postage/shipping is to be paid upon completion of baby and final photo shoot has been viewed and approved.

Baby will be shipped within 7 days of receipt of postage/shipping payment.

Please note that these payments may all be paid off in instalments to suit your budget, but those instalments must total each progress payment - as detailed above - at each stage of the reborning process.


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