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About My Babies


I spend many hours on each and every one of my babies and I take great care with them.
I start with a warm soapy bubble bath to remove any grime from the long journey to get here to Australia.

Then I use Genesis Heat Set Paints in multiple layers to obtain a perfect base skin-tone. Subtle veining,blushing and mottling is also added in more layers to add depth and realism.
Each tiny toenail and fingernail is tipped and lips are painted with many layers to build up the tone so as not to have a "painted on lipstick" look.

Nails and lips have a layer of gloss added for shine.

Hair is micro-rooted and I use only quality mohair which is sealed on the inside to allow for gentle styling.

Baby is weighted with glass beads (never sand) and filled with quality polyester filling.

All babies are carefully wrapped in a warm blanket for their journey to their new homes.


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