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About The Artist


Hello, welcome to my web-site and thanks for stopping by.

I am a married mother of one teenage son and I live in Hewett, South Australia - a suburb of the town of Gawler, on the Northern Outskirts of Adelaide.

I have been addicted to reborning since I took my first class in August, 2009.  I have to admit - I am also addicted to buying kits of all shapes and sizes, my nursery is full of little heads and limbs, all waiting patiently for their turn to "come to life".

I spend all of my spare time working on my precious little deliveries, painting, doing hair, making bodies and knitting or sewing outfits for them.  I love each and every baby I produce and if I were rich and lived in a huge house I would keep them all.

I first discovered reborn babies by accident.  I was bored and looking for something to do one evening and decided to get out my knitting needles and make some cute little football booties.  I had success selling them on eBay so then I moved on to knitting baby outfits and while I was looking around eBay I discovered reborn babies.  I began to knit outfits for collectors and reborners and decided I needed a model for my photographs.  I purchased a completed reborn baby from a lovely local lady and used "Isabella" to model all of my handknits.  I then decided it would be nice to learn to reborn for myself and I took my first lesson.

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sharon B

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